Are You A Victim Of Workplace Boreout?

Did you join your dream job a few years ago and now you feel stuck up? Do you feel there could be a better option? Or do you think the job has lost the charm and now you are less into it? If your answer is Yes, maybe or anything similar, there is a chance that the job is not the real problem.

Bore-out is not a new word but people often confuse it with burnout. Bore-out is when you feel bored out of your work. It happens when you think you are working less/same which is no more valuable enough to feel good about.

Is Boreout A Real Problem?

We can say, it is a psychological disorder. Employees feeling stuck at work because of the boredom are tend to be less productive. Anyone bored with work is less likely to continue the process.

Think of it this way, you can play a game day in and day out for a few days and then, you wake up one morning, get ready to play it again, and leave it in between as it gets boring for you. The game you were playing could be the best game ever invented but your brain is now tired of it. It has tracked the sameness of the game that made it boring for you. Anyone else can play the same game and can be thrilled for a while but again the same thing can happen to that person as well.

Your job is like the game, it can be the best but you can be bored for a while. Your mental health gets affected because of this psychological disorder, a workplace trend in progress as per the researches going on.

Another point to be considered is because of the employee boredom, the organization will get affected as well. We can expect a less-friendly job environment as the problem tends to drive people away in certain manners. Certain symptoms should be kept in mind to keep a check on yourself or your colleagues.

You are mostly irritated by your work. You feel worthless and tend to avoid that. Rather than acknowledging the problem, you suffer from it till the point, you can no longer hide it. Your work does not satisfy you which makes you believe you need to work harder. You no longer control your brain and you can see that affecting all the other parts of your life.

What Can We Do About It?

From the above discussion, we understand that Bore-out is a real problem. Like every problem, it too has a solution.

The first thing is acceptance. If you think that the symptoms match your behavior, you have to accept it first. You can only solve a problem when your mind knows that there is an actual problem.

Secondly, this is a psychological disorder that explains well why your mind needs a restart here. Our brain is the most powerful organ. There is nothing in this world that it cannot attain. When your brain understands how it is getting boring, the next step it takes is to search for the pleasure.

To understand how your work is getting boring, ask yourself a thousand questions. Be very specific of your activities so that the mind can locate the actual point of boredom.

Indeed, we cannot be always happy but the sense of achievement should be there when you complete your task, if you are losing it try to understand the why behind.

Use pen and paper to jot down the points as you explore more of yourself. Write down your day and tasks and get it into your habit. When you see your work written down, you affirm that it is important and a BIG thing for you. The sooner your increase the value of your work, the sooner you overcome the sense of worthlessness.

With everyone stuck at their houses, working alone, it has become very important to look for yourself and your dear ones. People often think that it is normal to feel bored and not doing anything about it. Well, it is not. Step up and do something different for a day or two. Relax your mind and let it think the right way of getting out of the boredom.

Talk to the right people, read good books, use some music, and take a goodnight’s sleep. Work on yourself, we believe you can make it better. Gear up and start now!

Sheetal Padalia

Sheetal Padalia

Loving her choice of stepping into brand and marketing, the writer is an MS graduate from the University of Southampton, UK. Her ravenousness for learning new skills, ideas brought her here. These writings are the reflection of her learnings and her thoughts which she tries to communicate using written words.