Signs Of Hope Emerge For Job Seekers

It did not take much time for the COVID19 pandemic to destroy the economy of the entire world.

Thousands of jobs were lost and businesses closed. With every passing day during the lockdown, we all kept hoping for things to get back to normal soon.

We are about to reach the end of the 3rd month of lockdown, with stepwise relief in the norms of lockdown. The relief provided to businesses to work maintaining social distancing protocols has reignited the lost flame of hope.

The ones who thought that they were on the brink of losing their job, have taken a sigh of relief.

The Healing Has Begun

What about the ones who lost their jobs, and the ones who were about to finally graduate to start their career? Well, we have some good news for them too. If you are a job seeker either a fresher or an experienced professional, opportunities are soon to knock on your door again.

A Hashtag Of Opportunities

We all are quite aware of what hashtags are. Most of us might have used them to express our mood in the posts we make on Social Media. But, have you ever searched for one? Did it seem irrelevant much?

A hashtag has never been so powerful before as much as it is today for all the job seekers out there. 

The lockdown has made a lot of people highly active on LinkedIn, whether it is to update their profile or to get a quick peek at jobs if any.

On LinkedIn, one of the most active hashtags today is #NowHiring. If you want to stay updated about any job opportunity as soon as it is posted on LinkedIn, simply follow this hashtag and Voilà!

The List Is Growing

Not only has the individual posting on LinkedIn increased by employers, but there is also an incoming bombardment of bulk job openings in big companies too.

There is a space on LinkedIn which keeps on updating as new hiring drives come across. The list states that:

  • The e-commerce giant Amazon is looking for people to fill almost 1,75,000 job openings.
  • Instawork has an immediate opening for around 20,000 positions in multiple office locations across the world.
  • BigBasket is planning to hire over 10,000 people for both store delivery and management positions.
  • To ramp up the capacity of its operations, Grofers has let out an opening of over 5,000 positions in India.
  • SalesForce has been hiring throughout the lockdown and is still looking for developers, UX professionals, data scientists, Machine Learning experts, and sales and customer success personnel.

It’s Time To Get Up Again

We all know that the pandemic will be over one day or the other. The only thing that we wish is to endure it till it stays. Don’t lose hope. The signs of job opportunities are increasing significantly.

If you want to stay updated about the latest job opportunities in India, you can follow this thread where new job opportunities are regularly updated.

But, if you want to check for the latest job openings around you, that allow remote working, and follow strict social distancing norms, simply go to Vasitum.

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