Should You Prioritize Sleep Over Work?

Dreams do come true when you work for it” is the line our generation is taking way too seriously. How do I know? We work for the dreams day in and day out, forgetting that sleeping is the most crucial part of welcoming dreams.

It sounds normal when we say I skipped a night’s sleep for an important project or I miss sleeping as I used to before working in the firm. Not just that, skipping sleep is boasted among teenagers like some achievement which should not be normal. Burning the midnight’s oil sounds good but not practical, let’s see why?

You must have noticed the dark circles under the eyes when you sleep less or you might feel hungry if you are not taking a night of proper sleep, it is your body’s natural way of saying “SLEEP!”. When you sleep, your mind works just like it is working while you are awake but your body gets the rest it requires. We know how mechanical our body is like every machine, over-using can lead to damages. Here are a few reasons why you should sleep first, work later.

Increase In Productivity

The main reason why we scramble our sleep schedule starts with a lack of time for being productive. You, like many, feel that there is no time to waste on sleeping when you can work for hours.

This starts with a day and continues for a lifetime. Your body adapts eventually but in the long run, you are losing your ability to be more productive. Your mind and body have been designed in such a way that even a day without proper sleep can result in minute damages. Gradually, a certain part of your brain gets affected leading to loss of many abilities.

Sleep increases your productivity training your brain to work effectively in a certain manner. Don’t be a fool by missing your nights of sleep!

Makes You Attentive

You can achieve anything by being attentive and focused. A tired brain is less likely to be focused and attentive even if it tries hard.

Reports say the tired brain can result in forgetfulness and many other diseases. Nobody likes that or wants that but follows the road that will lead to the same. You need to understand how important is your sleep as with time, all the ignorance will result in disaster.

To avoid such disasters, you need to be very conscious of your sleep schedule. Many times, you plan it but because of silly distractions, the goal lost all momentum. Make sure to switch all gadgets out of your bedroom at least 30 minutes before sleeping for a peaceful sleep.

Brings Emotional Stability

People avoiding sleep tends to react in a very negative manner in most of the situations in their life. Life is full of uncertainties, while facing a negative situation no one wants a person around who would make the situations worse because of his/her issues.

Here’s a thing, we know you love people and people love you (at work or home) but when you hurt them because of your problem (which by the way is ignorance), they are less likely to come to you for help. You won’t even know when you lost the gems from your crown.

Every new thing tends to attract our attention and the bad ones usually have a habit to stick longer in our lives. The regular skipping of sleep is one of the most dangerous of such things. You might think it will leave you but it won’t. The best thing to do is to know this is the right time to get rid of the habit of sleeping late.

Balances Out The Negativity

What does that even mean, right? It means the root cause of all the negative problems is stress. Sleep is the best medicine to balance out all the negativity prevailing in your path to happiness.

You are not in any kind of race. Work is necessary but so is RELAXATION. It is important to maintain balance. When you sleep timely, your life falls into routine automatically. Your productivity will increase and happiness will hug you even tighter.

Say ‘Yes’ to your sleep and live the life of your dreams, every time you wake up. Happy sleeping!


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