Why You Should Re-Hire Your Former Employees?

Change – the only constant thing in this developing world. Every day, hundreds of businesses like yours are growing and evolving. You are constantly paddled between new responsibilities and prior overwhelmed by new challenges.

And with these new updates, there is a new need – more employees. And today, we are going to talk about one major topic related to that – why you should re-hire your former employees.

New Employees Bring Fresh Perspective But…

New employees will always excite you. Their thought process, their drives, their approach, everything will make you want to work more with them. But the understanding that the former employee will bring is quite a score.

When your business is growing and you need more manpower at the wheel, we suggest you employ your former employees.

Here’s Why

  1. As we mentioned earlier, the understanding part is the first thing you need to notice. You can have ten new people in a room and one old one, there is a good possibility that you will rely on that one person, eliminating the other ten. We tend to put our trust in people we already know.
  1. They already know your business well. Time is money and they know how to save it better. Learning anything new takes a lot of time and you know it. When you hire a boomerang employee, i.e. people who have already worked for you, you save the hassle of training them, saving much of the time and effort. A penny saved is a penny earned.
  1. The atmosphere which they might have created with their presence can be brought back with them. We all know how important it is to have a good work environment. People who have worked with you know how to bring the air back. They always have your back well covered even if they sometimes mess up.
  1. With the break they just had, there is a possibility that they will bring a new set of skills and values with them. Every business needs updated people, what could be better than having the old wine in a new glass?
  1. People who have given their 100% to your company deserve to get re-hired if your company is coming up with something new. This will help you as well as them. This is no secret that success works both ways.

Things To Keep In Mind While Re-Hiring

Now that we have talked about the reasons for hiring your boomerang employees, certain things should be kept in mind in the process.

The recruitment strategy will be different for boomerang employees.

You cannot expect someone you asked to leave once joining your company again without a little change here and there. Also, you might not be interested in employing every person who left. The deserving ones need to be differentiated at all costs.

Track their growth.

Check their LinkedIn or social media profiles before calling them as it will ensure that they are the ones working their way up. Things might be different for them but when you know what they have been through, you can easily decide whether to consider the person or not. Plus, you get to show how much your company cares about their employees and that you are well-informed about their journey even after they left.

Do not completely lose contact with anyone.

You never know which person fits your job and how they are going to show up. Before you approach someone with your offer, talk to them like you have been talking to them before things changed. Nostalgia always levels up the chances of a “yes”.

Upgrade your system.

Yes, it is important to upgrade your pay scale for the employees who are important to your company and have joined a different company because of your low pay. They know the value of their work which makes them smart and important. You can pay less and get unsatisfied work done or you can pay a little extra for the quality of work your employee will bring in. Also, the money will come and go but the bond will be there always! Check if they left your organization because of age discrimination.

Check if they fit your job profile before jumping on the wagon.

It is crucial to see if they are worth your time. Have a mental note of the pros and cons of having them in your company again. Make sure you know what exactly you are looking for so that you don’t end up hiring the wrong person. It is advisable to list up the updated qualities in advance and then to see if it fits the person who was in charge.

All’s Well That Ends Well

A great way of ensuring that your former employees are not losing the touch is to update them through emails about the changes that are happening within the company. In this way, even if they are not immediately joining, they won’t feel left out. If they join shortly, it will save you time as well as updating and explaining won’t eat up your time. You would be able to directly come to the point which is work.

Keeping all these points in mind will help you a lot in deciding whether to work with the former employee or not. We believe this will lessen up your stress in recruitment as well. Have a happy re-recruiting day!