Easy Tips For The Uneasy Work Life Family Conversations

Our career involves hard work, intelligence, and family support. Whether it is the basic education or advanced college fees, you always had your family to back you up. With this much support comes a lot of expectations too, and meeting them becomes our responsibility. A part of this responsibility is communication regarding what, why, and how you are doing in your career. 

But, many people find it difficult to talk to their parents about their work. Let’s for an instance take the COVID-19 led unemployment scenario. A lot of young professionals may be hiding their layoff, salary cut, or unpaid leaves from their parents right now.

The reasons can be many; they may not understand, they may disagree, they may influence your mental thought, and much more. But, it is important to know that talking does not close your decision making freedom. So, here are some tips on effective communication with your parents about your work life.

If You’ve Been Laid Off

Most of your parents must be watching the news everyday. If they do, they must be aware of the crisis we are going through. What they fail to see from mainstream media is the on-ground reality of unemployment. So, if you were also a victim of the layoffs, then it is important to tell your parents without hesitation. 

One way of approach can be about why you lost your job. The reason is not you for sure. The company ran tight on budgets and decided to let go some people. This layoff does not reflect on your career at all. When hirings resume, your profile will not be viewed with a backlog by the recruiters. This is the first thing you need to tell your parents that can help you give the conversation comfort.

You Face A Salary Cut

Another hurtful scenario is of the salary cuts that employees are facing right now. Global stats suggest that an average of 7 million employees have faced salary cuts, only to ensure business continuity of the employer. Firstly, it clearly suggests that you are not the only one. Secondly, it gives reassurance that you still have the job. 

While having a conversation regarding this, you can start with the statistics we shared above. Weirdly, when parents know that you are not the only victim, they get a sigh of relief. Maybe it is because they realise that you were not at fault. Then, you can talk about how you have planned your expenses till the lockdown is over. Planned expenditure is something that parents love seeing in their kids. It’s a sign of being an adult for them. So, why not?

You’re Sent On Unpaid Leaves

The worst situation of all is hanging in the grey area of unemployment, that is the unpaid leave scenario. This condition is quite common in people belonging to the retail and frontend businesses. The only reason behind this is as soon as the stores open, the businesses start operations with immediate effect. 

As much as we hate experiencing this, it is important for you to tell your loved ones about your situation too. The fact that as soon as your business opens, you will be back with full salary and normal employment is what should be conveyed first. Then, you can talk to them about how you have reserved your savings to get through the tough times. Savings is the golden word which helps ease any conversation with your parents.

You Have A Startup Idea

Tough times give the genius minds the most innovative ideas. That’s why, any crisis in the world gives birth to some of the best startups, especially in the technology sector. This is one of the toughest conversations to have either with your parents or your partner. When the times are already critical, thinking of investing money and hard work on something that is not yet existent or reliable is a big investment decision.

Your family deserves to know about this step of yours before you leap into it. The first and most important reason is logical backup. If you do fail, which we wish you do not, you can still come back home without giving everyone else a shock. Most of the startups fail due to lack of investment. So, if you are about to reach the brink of success, but lack investment, your family and friends become the first angel investors too. 

So, Talk It Out

We know in reality there might be people in your family who will discourage you with this information. There may be relatives who can misuse it for their little political gimmick. Talking does not mean that you need to tell each and every person in the family about what is going on with you. You can choose the positive people around you, those who listen without judging, and those who just care enough about you to not cloud their opinion on you. But, talking about it is one thing that has to happen and it is always better when the initiator is you.

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