7 Myths About Applicant Tracking System That Are Nonsense

Words hold great power. When you hear something from one person, you start looking for evidence to believe it. But when multiple individuals confirm the same thing, your brain automatically assumes that it is true, without needing any verification.

The brain throws out rationality out of the window and doesn’t care if the information is true or not. But the problem with us humans is that we spread false information like fire. Myths are a common form of such an action.

So, here we are today busting seven myths about the applicant tracking system.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is The New Way of Hiring

ATS lessens a recruiter’s burden by advertising, generalizing, and helping in selecting the deserving candidate for the post required. Many companies are using an ATS in their recruitment funnel.

But there are many who don’t. Maybe you don’t trust an ATS or you might be caught in the web of myths. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Now, let us close them off one by one.

1. Choose any, all are the same.

No, they are not. All ATS tools are unique. You cannot think that the same ATS will work for different positions. You will have to research and then decide which ATS is working for you. Your requirements will keep on changing for different positions which will need the ATS fulfilling those requirements. Don’t hold on to the thought of one size fits all.

2. It’s just a database to make your work easy.

Don’t fall for this one. ATS is not just a database. Imagine there are hundreds of fish in a pond and you need the best one for yourself. All the resumes are there in the pond in the form of fishes and the right fish can be called out for you from the pond with the help of a smart system, say, ATS.

3. ATS requires a lot of technical skill. It won’t suit me.

It requires virtually no training at all. For instance, the Vasitum ATS shows all the instructions as soon as the website opens. Navigation is clear for any new user. The user-friendliness is commendable. You won’t feel like an outsider once you start your journey in the system. As a recruiter, you must give it a chance, even if you are not confident with your technical skill.

4. The loss of ‘personal touch’ is not acceptable.

Many recruiters are shifting to ATS because they have cracked the real potential of it. Cutting out efforts at places where it is least required does not cut out the ‘personal touch’. You are just upgrading your work for better productivity. You can focus on the candidate more than the applications you have to send. You will help to grow the right candidate rather than investing in every interview call.

5. Only big firms use ATS.

That is so not true. HR of many companies believe that ATS is built for big firms with a lot of employees and employers but ATS is for every company irrespective of the size and population of the company. If your company is constantly looking out for new people specialized in different sectors, you can use ATS for upgrading your recruiting process.

6. ATS costs a lot.

Well, no. ATS is quite a cost-effective process for the hiring process as it provides you with all the information and guidance from the initial to the final stage at a minimal cost. You can go for the Vasitum ATS and choose your plan according to your need. You can upload the bulk resumes and schedule the interviews just in a day or so, lessening your month’s work.

7. My data is not safe in ATS.

This is also a common myth about the ATS. If you think the same, then do check out the policies of the app before use. Although, your data is secured as everything is stored in cloud storage which is well-maintained and monitored by the company. The least a company wants is to get its name spoiled in the market, so it takes every precautionary measure for its name.

Are We Mythbusters Now?

These were a few myths we wanted you to be aware of before rejecting the idea of using ATS for your company. If you are thinking to join up sooner, check out Vasitum ATS.