2019 Insights on today’s Talent Recruitment

Talent recruitment is the inescapable process of acquiring an efficient and talented workforce. An aspiring candidate has to pass several steps and procedures set by a consulting team or foundation. In order, to finalize a talent according, recruiters organize several screening tests such as:

  • Creating and advertising the position’s requirements
  • Screening and questionnaires
  • Interview, whether telephonic or face-to-face
  • Assessing candidate qualifications
  • Shortlisting the most appropriate candidates

The process of talent recruitment is a demanding task to find out and hire the most deserving candidates as it is quite possible for a recruiter to lose one of the most promising candidates during their screening. In today’s scenario, with a highly competitive market and the unemployment rate extremely high, it’s a battlefield to hire at an effective speed.

While it is quite possible for employees to perform both under or over expectations, it’s difficult for employers when employees are not up to the mark and must be replaced within only a year. For instance, there are again large costs associated with this and the repetitive process of recruitment. Efficiency becomes the key element, speeding up the process while reducing the chance of losing the most appropriate candidate.

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The lack of appropriate screening tools is one of the most prominent reasons behind this dilemma of which the result of employers having to reinitialize the process again. Artificial intelligence or AI is emerging within HR, creating a new industry known as HRtech. With technology onboard to remove the time consumed in activities such as manually screening resumes.

Resume Screening:

Resume screening is the biggest and most difficult challenges in talent recruitment and can be circumvented via AI. A set of computer programs, behaving much like a human being, can now support recruiters’ screening at scale and real time. AI allows multiple resumes to be screened at one time and for the results to be stored and shared per actual time.

This is just the initial use case that being seen within the new domain of HRtech. However, the applications of AI and additional technological advancements are vast. In 2019, we will see a new age of HR – modernizing the process of hiring to be efficient and product within the times.

So, we can say that the following talent acquisition trends will be taking the year 2019 by storm:

#1. Branding

75% of candidates admitted that they checked an organization’s credibility and employer branding before applying for a position, according to a research

#2. Candidate Experience

A candidate’s journey is foremost important to any employer, as this further prospects for talented candidates to apply, join and puts in good reference for future.

#3. Automation

Above all, Technology has become unpredictable and has raised productivity. The rise of automation, so far, has had a positive impact on sectors like recruiting; handling up to 50-60% of manual labor.  

#4. Artificial Intelligence

Above all, speaking of the unpredictability of technology, Artificial Intelligence has risen by leaps and bounds in past one year. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have started to automate the mundane tasks of hiring process such as processing job applications, parsing resumes, candidate pre-screening, and scheduling interview.


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