How To Have A Great First Month In A New Job

So you finally parted ways from your previous job, and have successfully landed in a new one. Congratulations! Now what?

Uncertainty is one of the most common feelings while joining a new company, especially when you are switching from one to another. There will be a mix of both excitement and anxiousness when you enter a new environment. So, here are a few things you can do to turn a confused first month into an exciting one.

Introduce yourself

introduce yourself

Seems too obvious? Well, this is one of the most undervalued parts of joining a new environment. While the manager will introduce you to the team on the day you join, you probably won’t remember most of the names for the first few days. Saying that, what we mean is that an introduction does not take time, but getting acquainted does.

Be confident, yet humble while introducing yourself to your colleagues. While talking about where you come from will be abundantly repetitive, also focus on why you joined this team, and what your vision is. Share stories from your previous work-life, and listen to the ones they have. This will not only help you align with the team but can also create a great initial engagement.

Start observing

Knowing how things work in a new environment can quickly become quite investigative. And, most of the new joinees make unnecessary mistakes at this stage, either by bringing the prior company culture or by forming early opinions. Every company has its own culture, and you may not agree with all of it. While your last company accepted verbal communication, the current one may adhere to articulated forms like emails, texts, etc. The first 30 days are purely for observing things around you, and understanding what’s new.

Observing your surroundings, team, and the environment will give you more data on what goes around in your new office than assuming or even asking. Be flexible in the things you notice and stay on a neutral ground without forming a firm opinion. From how many breaks one takes to how informal conversations get, observe every detail. And slowly, adapt, overcome, improvise.

Ask the right questions

asking questions at work

While observing is a great way to understand things, asking questions is also one of the effective methods to get clarity on multiple aspects. Interacting with your colleagues as well as managers from other departments can help in absorbing perspectives, analyzing processes, and improve overall engagement.

The immediate question you should ask is regarding what is expected from you in the team. Asking reflects a strong will to learn, and managers appreciate the enthusiasm. It will also help you understand the business quickly, and get on with your work better.

Show ‘em whatcha got!

You may be new to the company, but you have been in your field for some time too. Usually, employees do thorough research about the job, brand and its vision before joining itself, for making an informed decision. While the things that are happening already may feel enough for the team, your knowledge can help them improve whenever needed.

Start reading about your company on various platforms from the website to social media. Understand the personality of your brand, the USPs of your products, and the near rivals of your industry. See how well your company is connected with the audience. Explore the topics that your brand touches and the ideology that it follows. Build a pitch about your understanding of the brand, team, and share your ideas based on your expertise. This will not only help you engage with the team better but can also build a prowess of your knowledge in them.

Set your own metrics

daily work goals

As you are still new to the team, the tasks given to you will allow the leverage of more time and mistakes. But, it is also crucial to set your own metrics in terms of performance, quality, timeliness, and explorative learning. Let your manager know what you are expecting from yourself in the first 30 days. 

Clearly communicate the constraints you think may affect you in the initial stage. Help your manager understand where you need more support, and where you can work independently right away. By the end of the month, you will have a pretty clear picture of your KPIs and KRAs in the organization.

Relax, it’s your honeymoon period!

Just like your notice period in the last company, the first 30 days in a new company are part of your honeymoon period. There is less pressure, more space, and a lot of time for interaction. It is completely fine to spend it that way. There will be hesitation, excitement, and intrigue, all at the same time. And it is entirely reasonable to have these feelings too. Positively acknowledge your thought process, ensure that you are well within the line of ethics, and take the time you need to get comfortable enough to start performing at your best.

Priyanka Choudhary

Priyanka Choudhary

Talent Acquisition expert with 8+ years of profound experience in scouting and engaging talent in ITES, Financial Shared Services, Analytics & Insights sectors.


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