A Guide To Become a Data Scientist

Data Scientist has become one of the most demanded jobs of the 21st century. It has become a buzzword that almost everyone talks about these days. Data Science is about extraction, readiness, examination, perception, and maintenance of data. It is a cross-disciplinary field that utilizes logical strategies and procedures to draw bits of knowledge from information. 

A Data Scientist, specializing in Data Science, not only analyzes the data but also uses machine learning algorithms to predict future occurrences of an event. Therefore, we can understand Data Science as a multidisciplinary field that combines mathematics, statistics, and computer science. 

Why Data Science?

Data Science is now the fuel of many industries. It is a new power that helps companies to grow and foster their businesses as they require data to perform and to make decisions. They drive meaningful insights from the data to improve the organizations to analyze themselves and their companies performance in the market. 

Apart from the commercial sector, the healthcare sector also uses Data Science through which the doctors are now able to detect cancer and tumours at an early stage using Image Recognition software. 

What is Data Scientist?

Data researchers are another type of analytical information specialist who has the specialized aptitudes to solve complex issues – and the interest to investigate what issues should be comprehended.

Why build a career in data science?

All sorts of businesses today invest in data science and analysis to make better decisions for both themselves and their customers. Data scientists have become an asset to most companies and teams.

Scope of data science

  • In India, significant sectors like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, banking, telecommunications, e-commerce, and media require data scientists.
  • India is second only to the US when it comes to data science jobs. 1 out of every 10 data science or analytics jobs is accounted for by India. (Quartz India)
  • According to Business Today, There are up to 50,000 data science job vacancies in India right now, which means plenty of opportunities for skilled job seekers to look forward to. 

Demand for data science

  • Currently, the biggest employer of data scientists in the banking and finance sector, comprising about 44% of total data science jobs. However, by 2020, India will create 39,000 more data science jobs spanning sectors like agriculture and aviation. (Business Today)
  • Evolving technologies mean that data science will see significant demand in fields, for instance, AI, cybersecurity, space exploration, and driverless transportation too. (The Economic Times)

Data science courses and certifications

Here is a list of some popular data science courses and certifications.

Website: Coursera/University of Michigan

Course: Applied Data Science with Python Specialization

Price: INR 3,474 per month

Format: Online

Learning Duration: Self-paced (Approx. 5 months)

Website: Udacity

Course: Intro to Machine Learning

Price: Free

Format: Online

Learning Duration: Self-paced (Approx. 6 months)

Website: Dataquest

Course: Data Analyst in R

Price: Free

Format: Online

Learning Duration: Self-paced

Website: Udemy

Course: Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

Price: INR 12,480

Format: Online

Learning Duration: Self-paced

Website: Coursera

Course: IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Price: INR 2,765 per month

Format: Online

Learning Duration: Self-paced (2 months approx.)

Website: Coursera/John Hopkins University

Course: Data Science Specialization 

Price: INR 3,474 per month

Format: Online

Learning Duration: Self-paced (8 months approx.)

Website: Udemy

Course: The Data Science Course 2019

Price: INR 12,800

Format: Online

Learning Duration: Self-paced

Website: Datacamp

Course: Introduction to Machine Learning

Price: Subscription-based (INR 2020 per month for 247 courses)

Format: Online

Learning Duration: 6 hours

Read the best books for Data Science

Statistics and Probability Books

  • Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan
  • Introduction to Statistical Learning by Gareth James
  • Introduction to Probability by Charles M. Grinstead
  • Practical Statistics for Data Scientists by Peter Bruce

Books on Programming Languages and Tools 

  • Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes
  • Introduction to Machine Learning with Python by Andreas Muller
  • Hands-on Programming with R by Garrett Gorlemund
  • Learning SQL by Alan Beaulieu
  • Hadoop- The Definitive Guide by Tom White
  • SQL Cookbook by Anthony Molinaro
  • Learning SQL by Alan Beaulieu
  • Practical Data Science with R by Nina Zumel


There is various influencer which can be followed, as the insight and the knowledge they share can be useful to aspiring Data Scientist or the existing professionals. Some of these influencers are:

  • Andrew Ng: He is a prominent name among Data science thought leaders. He is a professor at Stanford University and the co-founder of Coursera.
  • Kirk Borne: He is the principal data scientist and executive advisor at the Booz Allen Hamilton since 2015.
  • Lillian Pierson is a big name among the best big data influencers.
  • Naval Ravikant is the co-founder and CEO at AngelList.
  • Evan Sinar is the Vice President and also the main data scientist at Development Dimensions International (DDI).

Data scientists salaries

Average data scientist job salaries can vary according to data scientist skills and experience. Therefore, the annual average wage data for data science and related job roles are as follows:

Data Scientist 6.3 Lakhs3 – 20
Data Analyst 4.9 Lakhs1.9 – 8.2
Data Engineer5 Lakhs3.4 – 2
Business Analyst5.8 Lakhs2.5 – 10
Machine Learning Engineer7 Lakhs3.2 – 20
Statistical Analyst5.8 Lakhs1.9 -10

Data source: AmbitionBox


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