The Secret Diary Of A Lovable Brand

In an ideal world, marketing works in the order of four Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). What if the promotion is to be done for the vision and not really the product? That is exactly how Vasitum was when we were planning its marketing roadmap.

“A great job portal in the oven with a need for marketing its vision today.”

The Vision

The HR tech space has always been evolving in bits and pieces. While one focuses on user experience, other aims at boosting the hiring process. Even with the presence of market leaders in this industry today, the space of a one-stop solution is still open.

That is why Vasitum was conceived as a sustainable and long-term idea. Not only do we aim to fulfil the needs, but also look at beautifying the entire hiring process through technology. A futuristic platform for the future-ready workforce.

Analyzing Hurdles

When the thought of marketing came into our minds, the team knew that our product existed as a basic mediator between job seekers and recruiters. But, with step-wise developments of the portal in place, it was crucial to utilize the time gap for creating awareness, interest and engagement with the audience without hurting the product’s under-construction, yet live status.

Job Portals exist, then what are we here for?

There is no doubt that the existing job portals are fulfilling the needs of users pretty well. But, none of them portray a personality that addresses the issues of job seekers and recruiters like automation, transparency, accessibility and cost efficiency. This personality aspect was left empty even by the biggest players in the game.

The Golden Ticket

Observing this gap of connection, we found the perfect landing spot for our brand – In the hearts of our audience. This opportunity also aligned with how we wanted our brand to shape up eventually. So, we felt that starting an interaction with our audience would not only introduce us, but also gain a lasting first impression. The big question was – How do we say hi?

Entering the Market with a Dig

It is a widespread saying that an introduction followed by a light-hearted joke always creates a lasting impression. As a forward thinking brand, we were ready to take this risky approach. Surprisingly, the names of our competitors helped us in finding what we wanted to say. Hence, came the dig that not only created a good buzz of humor in the audience, but also introduced our brand in the market without saying much.

Getting Serious with Comfort

Even though there are multiple job portals, the one important concern had been still left untouched in the minds of job seekers – The job search anxiety. Our first aim was to extend comfort to our job seekers in their job search. But, saying this at a time when our portal was under development was risky in terms of retaining credibility. 

We Became Friends With our Audience

It’s not unusual to notice that the people who you share your deepest secrets with end up becoming your best friends. So, the key here is to be open and modest. This left us with 2 different stories to tell, one of a job seeker and one of a recruiter.

We started our blog section with full speed and enthusiasm connecting with topics that no other portal would want to talk about. Our aim was to:

This helped us establish our brand in the audience on both seeking and hiring side as a reliable friend who cares. The results kicked in really well as we got a great response from the audience.

Since launch, our website has acquired 749k sessions with an impressive 11:1 session to sign-up ratio. Within the first year, 70k+ job seekers registered on the platform, while 25+ featured employers on-boarded it. The blogs we posted achieved an average session duration of 2.5 minutes.

Socializing on Social Media

Working is a serious job, (See the pun?). But, finding work can be made fun and engaging. That’s how we found our place in social media. A brand that takes on the serious issues with a pinch of humor. And, sharing humor is a great way of spreading happiness too. 

So, why not? No one else is doing it; at least not someone providing a naukri. Our social media has grown today to a family of 10k+ on Instagram & 15k+ on Facebook, that regularly interacts, asks questions, shares views, and stays connected.

We are young, and we aim to stay young

The benefit as a brand still in its initial age, is that we have the freedom to say what we feel is right, how we want it. We also have the benefit of bringing freshness and entertaining fresh perspectives of the community, either through communication or product value. And, as we grow, we aim to grow mature, not old. What we speak of today will be there, only how we say it will evolve for the greater good.

The audience response from our initial marketing approach has paved an exciting roadmap for our journey ahead. The next generation is making an informed career decision, and it has entrusted us to take on the responsibility of giving it all the needed equipment.

Ankit Bagga

Ankit Bagga

Senior Marketing & Product Manager


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