Pollution in Delhi: How to Work in the Choking Capital

The 3rd edition of the ‘odd-even scheme’ started on Monday as pollution levels peaked to a 3-year high in the national capital. To help the people of Delhi in the fight against pollution, the Delhi govt has taken a number of measures and now released a list of the Do’s and Don’ts to minimize the effects. The Directorate General of Health Services, Govt. of NCT of Delhi published the “Health advisory to Public for protection from air pollution.”

Delhi Government Health Advisory – List of Do’s:

  • Stay indoors or postpone outdoors activities
  • Consult doctors in case of breathlessness, giddiness, cough, chest discomfort or pain, red or watery eyes
  • People with respiratory or heart illnesses should keep their medication handy
  • Use certified N95 masks and follow user instructions
  • Use clean & smokeless fuels, gas, or electricity for cooking & heating
  • Use public transportation (Metro, buses, tuks-tuks) and Car-Pool as much as possible

Delhi Government Health Advisory – List of Don’ts:

  • Don’t burn leaves, wood, agriculture products, garbage
  • Avoid heavy traffic, areas near polluting places, construction sites, etc.
  • Don’t go for morning or late evening walks, run, jog and physical exercise
  • Don’t open doors, windows during morning and late evenings
  • Smoke as less as possible
  • Avoid driving as much as you can

Following EPCA’s declaration of Public Health Emergency in Delhi – NCR, Delhi Government issued a detailed health advisory with a list of dos and don’ts for people to combat the ill-effects of air pollution. As part of the health advisory, Delhi Government has asked people to stay indoors and ensure minimum exposure to the hazardous air outside. Furthermore, the health advisory has also asked the citizens of Delhi to avoid prolonged exposure to bad air and avoid avoiding physical exertion and exercise outside. The health advisory has also asked people to wear anti-pollution masks to protect themselves against the hazardous air.


  1. Rules: Under the scheme, the vehicles with odd last digit in the registration number will be allowed on roads on odd dates and those with even last digit will ply on even dates.
  2. Timing: The rule will be applicable in Delhi from 8 am to 8 pm, except on Sundays. The third edition of odd-even scheme will run till November 15.
  3. Exemptions: “Women driving alone, cars having all women as occupants and women accompanied by children aged less than 12 years” will also be exempted. Vehicles used for medical emergencies during the 12-day long odd-even scheme will be allowed. Private vehicles carrying school children are also allowed on roads during the implementation of odd-even car rationing system based on “trust”, said Delhi Arvind Kejriwal.