Job Scams Hit Indians Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

While the world is struggling to survive the COVID19 pandemic, some people are still finding the heart to do unthinkable things to us. The news is not filled with just the COVID cases updates. There has been a new spike in the number of job and employment scams going on amid the pandemic.

According to a report in The Economic Times, around 27 million in India people have lost all sources of income due to the lockdown till now. This has put many in a vulnerable situation where any source of income is appreciated and accepted with open arms. The fraudsters are using this prone condition of the people, to make profits for themselves. Beware of the types of frauds and scams shown below that you might come across too.

Fake Job Postings

Taking advantage of high unemployment rate, a lot of people are misusing social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Reddit to post fake job opportunities. They look pretty similar to genuine posts, but will give you a weird feeling in the gut for sure. All they want from you is data. When you apply for the job, you end up giving more information than you think matters.

While grammar is the last thing a fraudster wants to go wrong at, they often end up doing it too often. Apart from this, you may see an unreasonable amount of salary package offered for either the experience or just the job role defined. “Urgent Hiring” is one of the words that make job seekers take quicker actions, and you will always find an exaggerated version of this in a fraud post too. One thing is for sure that there will be no response after you submit the form.

6 Figures Income In 6 Days

This might have already come across your eyes if you have a phone, an internet connection, and a social media application. If you recognize these ads, don’t you think the frequency of these ads has increased a lot lately? These are one of the most irritating types of scams that you can witness globally. “Wait, wait, wait! Stop.”

This is the first thing that these scam ads will say before they tell you that you can start earning 6 figures in just 1 week or so. Another funny thing that these people show is their supposed account details with lakhs of money, and huge transactions listed. They do nothing but create clickbaits to take you to a website that has long tailed content on it that will feel pretty repetitive throughout. At the end is the paid ebook, subscription, package or whatever they use based on the trend. Please, stay away from such scams.

Phishing Jobs

Disguised as TATA Consultancy Service, may come a mail or text message that says you have been selected based on your resume and skills. TCS, Woah! The reputation of that brand will make you believe it right away. These mails are not actually from TCS, but from phishing experts who disguise themselves as reputed brands to convince you right away.When you click on the link, you will be taken to a mysterious website asking for weird transactions to go ahead in the employment process.

These transactions may include monetary payments, revelation of personal information, and much more. The best way to know about them is the absence of a secure gateway, bad language on the website, any domain that is not of a known job portal or the brand itself. Know this for sure that no recruiter ever demands money for hiring, period. That’s why beware of these phishing scams as they are highly active amid the pandemic.

Stay Safe, Stay Alert

While you are taking care of yourself and your family to survive through the treacherous tides of the Coronavirus crisis, be a little alert in the hindsight for these scams too. In the quest for finding a source of income, do not let your educated brain fall for such petty fraudsters. If you are looking for a job however, you can look for one on Vasitum or any other reputed job portal with all of the above mentioned points in mind.

Viveka Batra

Viveka Batra

Human Resources Business Partner


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