Introducing Vasitum 2.4: We are 2.4 times better now!

Vasitum is proud to announce the launch of its latest version – Vasitum 2.4. The version release update is jam-packed with exciting new features for recruiters and overall improvements in execution speed.

Here are some of the new features that you can experience now:

Leaning Tower Of CVs? No more!


To deal with the sheer volume of applications received, hiring managers spend almost 23 days shortlisting and scheduling interviews. You can upload 100 MB of data with multiple file formats at once. Using Vasitum’s Bulk CV Upload tool, you can now manage your received applications as well as save CVs online for later reference. Once the data has been successfully uploaded, you will be shown a dashboard with statistics of your uploads.

Dude, Where’s My Data?

The bulk data you upload is stored in the Candidate Databank on the Company Page so that all members of your organization are able to access the parsed CVs. Moreover, to monitor any damage to the data, permissions to edit the databank are granted only to the admin. In case a particular CV is not uploaded, a failure message will specify the error so it can be corrected.

Manage At Your Convenience

To manage interviews, our Bulk CV Manager will help filter candidates for specific conditions, such as candidates who can relocate or only those who are available at a particular time. The navigation has been further streamlined for our users. The update also includes some bug fixes and UI/UX modifications. 

Calling out recruiters like

We’re proud of our recruiter page which has been modified to please the eyes as well as the hiring needs of any and all types of recruiters. The interface is clean and smooth so posting jobs and promoting them is now as easy and quick as possible.

The new us. Yay!

This is our favourite update of all. We finally put ourselves (read faces) out in front of the crowd. Get to know more about us through our revamped ‘About us’ page. Learn our story and see the happy faces that are working for a shared vision to make this dream come true. 

A lot more is planned for Vasitum and we will keep sharing our upgrades, improvements, and achievements with you all.