Finding The Ideal Candidate From A CEO’s Eyes

Disclaimer – The content below is taken from India Today’s column published after an interview with Vikram Wadhawan, CEO of Vasitum.


Even though the world is abundant with talented people, every person brings a unique set of talents that entertain certain outcomes. Businesses work with the same philosophy too when they search their ideal candidate. India Today, an esteemed news and media platform published it’s interview with Vikram Wadhawan, CEO of Vasitum, about what recruiters look for in a candidate for a corporate role. Find the complete Q/A below:

Talent spotters now regard potential as one of the key employee attributes for hiring. How do you spot potential and passion during a job interview?

I am intently focused on hiring people that ooze out passion during their interview. It drives a person, gets them through the bad times at work. I look for the extras that they put into their work and the way they invest in themselves. Reading the resume doesn’t reflect their ability to grow and adapt.

What are some of the other essential attributes you look for in a job applicant?

Self motivated people look beyond the bare minimum of what’s required which helps the business thrive. There are three other traits that I seek in a potential employee – Attention to details, receptive to feedback, and willingness to learn. Every individual should have poise and maturity.

What are some of the common issues, which you confront in graduates while hiring?

New graduates can be a good resource for the company. They are full of energy, new ideas and are willing to get their hands dirty. But it’s tricky to find candidates with skill sets for the position. You need to be patient and willing to invest in them.

How crucial is a candidate’s domain knowledge when it comes to hiring and what is your experience on this front from campuses?

I have seen people who don’t have domain knowledge struggle hard initially but gain an excellent grasp later. Learning is a lifelong activity and anyone who has the zest, succeeds. During campus hiring, we don’t expect candidates to have an in-depth understanding.

What is the transitional change which a candidate has to be prepared for when he/she enters the job market from the campus? The role of social media in hiring candidates.

A corporate job is quite demanding and campus hires struggle initially. They are stumped when they realize that the textbook solutions don’t match complex business problems or that missing a work day has worse consequences than missing a lecture. So they have to be mentally prepared, and develop competencies. 

We leverage social media for employer branding and networking with active and passive candidates that fit the role.

How can a candidate make himself/herself valuable in the line of work? How severe can be the cost of making mistakes on a professional level, as opposed to academics, where it can end with a little red circle?

Becoming valuable is not a common ladder for all. You might want to be responsible for the success or failure of your company or might just want to be good at doing what you are. Making mistakes is fine but if you commit one, you better come with a plan to correct it too. Use the mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.