Domino’s Employee Hands in Resignation on Toilet Paper?

You might’ve seen headlines that “report” employees of large organisations quit their blue-collar jobs after cashing out on a lottery or some other contest. A similar report claimed a UP-based Domino’s employee cashed out on a ₹9,43,49,014 lottery and handed in his resignation on a toilet paper.

Yep, you read that right, a resignation on a toilet paper. The story mentions Sharad, the employee, while browsing Facebook on his break, came across an online site giving away ₹30,000 welcome bonus for Indian players. With nothing to lose and 15 minutes of free time, he decided to try his luck. The article was linked to the Casino app website and said “[the employee] certainly isn’t the only one to cash out on the website’s welcome bonus for users” and more deals for signing up at that very moment. 

However, much like this story, these articles are false and have a cheap commercial intent which is to get you to click by saying fascinating things about resignations. The story included screenshots of the amounts debited to the individual amounts along with other expenses to make it look legitimate. But frankly, these attempts are getting old, lame and repetitive with almost no signs of improvement. Similar reports can be found dated September 2017 and December 2016 about a KFC and McDonald’s employee, respectively, having lucked out on similar contests. 

Although, there have been other articles that called out these scams as well and reported there actually were some genuine winners but none came from online portals. An immigrant labourer from West Bengal named Mohijul Rahima Sheikh came to Kerala with not much in his pocket. A few days later, he bought a lottery ticket out of compassion for a handicapped seller and won a staggering ₹1,00,00,000! 

Mohijul Rahima Sheikh, 22, after winning the lottery being escorted by police to safely claim his winnings. March 2016.

The Indian Express reported on March 2016 that he won the lottery merely four days after coming to Kerala. After finding out the next morning and cross-checking the lottery number from different newspapers, Mohijul was so terrified he went to a nearby police station and requested an escort to accompany him to the bank next morning where he opened an account and claimed his Crore Rupees ticket.

The next time you see a post mentioning absurd ways of resignations of normal people following a lottery win, think twice.

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