Are We Ready To Go Back To Work?

We know how things have turned out for us ever since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. From locking ourselves in our homes to losing jobs and watching the whole economy crumble down, we have come through a lot of tough tides. 

Before we put any further light on the topic, let’s just remember that as we speak the total number of COVID19 cases is at 10.3 Million, and the death count is already half a million. The real question in front of us is how many of us are willing to get back to work physically right now?

The Workforce Confidence Index

Facts impact more than opinions, and the current situation requires a strong factual information to rely on. The Workforce Confidence Index is a survey conducted among employees to find out how they feel about various aspects of work in the current situation.

Fear Of Coming Out

It states that 2 in every 5 employees hold high concerns about coming back to work due to the risk of getting exposed to the virus. 1 out of every 5 employees thinks it is too risky for their family to be exposed to the virus because of their physical outwardness.

1/4th of the surveyed employees showed discomfort in travelling via public transport. The millennial workforce however reflects more confidence than the previous generation of workforce in terms of working again from offices.

Financial Improvements

While a lot of people lost their jobs, those still employed are actually finding financial positivity out of this situation. The reduction in expenses like commute, food, daily miscellaneous items as compared to when people worked from offices has lifted their savings accounts quite well.

31% of the surveyed employees feel that their savings will rise even further in the next 6 months, but only if the remote employment continues along with betterment in the COVID-19 situation.

Should You Come Out Now?

We are in the middle of a pandemic that spreads through physical human proximity. There is no evident cure for the virus yet. Social distancing is the only best way to prevent yourself from getting contaminated by the virus. And, if by any chance you do get infected, the treatment is both financially and mentally draining.

Can You Not Work From Home?

Most of the businesses have shifted to remote employment due to the lockdown. But, it turns out that a remote employee is the hero of business continuity going forward. If you think that you are stressing a lot while working remotely, here are a few tips to manage work from home stress. If you still cannot perform well, and want to go back to work, it’s time to think carefully.

Considerable Situations

It is not true that no employee can or should start working from offices. It completely depends on the situation of the person and the organization they work in. Consider each of the below pointers as a reduction in the risk factor if you:

  • Are travelling through a private vehicle, you have sanitizers, and other safety equipment in the vehicle.
  • Maximize digital transactions instead of physical money exchange.
  • Do not eat in public places, restaurants, and cafeterias.
  • Have a regularly sanitized office that complies with all social distancing norms.
  • Have 33% or less workforce in the office with no exceptions.

Life Over Anything

We know that getting through these tough times requires strong financial support. Employment is one of the biggest support systems still sustaining our daily requirements. But, it is also evident that life is eminently precious. No sensible employer will force you to come to office in this situation. 

There may be pay cuts for those working from home, but that still is a middle ground between employer and employee. If your employer is forcing you to come to the office even when you show concerns regarding your health, maybe it is good to look for a job change as fast as possible.