8 Jobs That Can Never Go Fully Remote

What would you do if you were told to lift a chair without touching it? This supernatural situation is what the COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of workforce in.

To cope with social distancing, most of the businesses have either resorted to remote work. Working from home may seem like a convenience to you right now, but there are some jobs that can never go remote.


No matter how much the online shopping culture surges, there will always be a demand for buying things after taking a look-feel check. That’s why, the retail sector will have to keep offline stores and outlets functional.

From store manager to sales executive, and inventory managers to housekeeping, the retail sector jobs will not be able to shift to remote work completely.


The time is not far when we would be welcomed by augmented reality bots at the entrance of our hotel. But, what about when you need something repaired, or have a special request from the management?

The hospitality industry thrives on human interaction which is the heart of the business. Apart from that, regular maintenance and quality checks of the hotel, restaurant, or any luxury club will require a physical workforce presence always.


Technology has advanced to a stage where major life-at-stake surgeries are being performed remotely. But according to medical experts, visual diagnosis cannot be compensated even with 8k technology.

That is the reason why even amid such a dramatic pandemic, medical workers are still in the worst proximity of the medical frontlines.


A fast moving industry that has already been overwhelmed with technology to boost production speeds, still requires a lot of human workforce. The primary reason behind this is the Q/A, inventory management and exigency readiness during machinery failure.

Though automation is the driving force of this industry, the workforce is the backbone that keeps it sustained.


Building a building needs an equilibrium force of brains and labor. This industry in particular is the biggest employer of daily wage labor in India. Also, the state of India being a developing country, it is hard to predict the replacement of human labor with automated machinery.


The best of the car manufacturers are always bent towards assembling vehicles through manual process. The road safety protocols also contribute a lot to making physical workforce presence mandatory for quality checks, performance testing, repairs and sales services too.

An initiative run by BMW to start contactless car test drives turned out to be a big failure as the consumers did not like the virtual reality experience.

Food & Beverage

Apart from hospitality, cooking is something that cannot be done remotely. Restaurants, cafes, and bars need the workforce present to make the consumables, if not serve them to the guests.

Also, multiple brands have tested with automated machinery in the QSR sector including market leaders like McDonald’s. The only issue they found was taste standardization which took away the experience from consumers.


Even though during the lockdown a lot of entertainers emerged with great artwork, this industry will always need employees present physically. From actors to the spot boy, every function of creating movies, web series and other modern content requires a human backing it. Simply said, you will always need two people to have either a love story sequence or a fight sequence.

Remote Is Not Great Always

With proper social distancing measures and safety equipment in place, most of these jobs can go back to their normal functioning.

Remote, unfortunately, is applicable only where the performance of a particular function of business has the potential of being in its optimum state. Otherwise, we will always need people present physically to ensure business sustainability.