5 Reasons To Invest In Tech Startups During These Critical Times

Thanks to Coronavirus, we are all stuck at our homes restricted to do much in life to maintain social distancing. Any business that relies on physical interaction is almost on a halt. But, there is something about a crisis that gives birth to new, innovative, and impactful startup ideas. The COVID-19 crisis has done the same for technology startups. 

With no sign of a cure or vaccine yet, it is highly likely that social distancing is going to become the new normal. Technology is the next best thing that can connect us in various aspects, and many Tech startups are tapping into them fast. So, if you are someone who wants to invest in a tech startup or are yourself working on one, here are the 5 critical advantages you should know.

Naturally Adaptable

We all know that change is the only constant. But, this abrupt change that we are experiencing has forced us to evolve in less than usual time. To successfully sustain this, we need adaptable technology which can be delivered to the customers quickly. Tech startups have always had the advantage of being able to adapt fast.

Take the example of food delivery applications Swiggy and Zomato. Amid the pandemic where anything from outside is doubted as contaminated, these startups quickly changed their UI and functionality to ensure that the food they provide is completely safe and hygienic. They used technology to provide real-time delivery personnel’s temperature checks, pictures of the restaurant’s sanitization, etc.

Remote Management

The fact that a ration shop requires a storage space, working unit, and sales counter to complete the business transaction shows the pillar it stands on. For tech companies, that pillar should ideally be technology itself. But the need for people to work with technology will never go away. So, how do tech startups stay at vantage?

The mere fact that life runs on the cloud gives way to the answer. Tech based businesses are probably the only ones to have no hiccups in the transition from physical team management to remote team management. Why? Because they already work 70% of the time through technology. 30% human interaction is now shifted and prioritized to other modes which will not affect the functioning of the business.

The Work Dynamics

Tech startups are easy to switch, learn, and unlearn. This essentially means that their work dynamic is quite diverse and flexible. The teams that used to have conference meetings are still doing that either on Zoom, or Google Meet. The pro that stands here is the range of applications that tech startups use to improve the work dynamics.

While the marketing team would be working on Asana, the sales team would be working on Zapier, and the accounts team on some encrypted software maybe for confidentiality sakes. Being in an environment that is heavily geeked with technology, the work dynamics of teams become something of an artwork itself. The way we see all the teams working in their own ways through their own technology, yet coming together to be productive on the same goals is what makes a tech startup stand out.

Clarity Of Communication

While transparency is important to manage a team successfully, tech startups have this common behavior of not only making it transparent but clear to understand too. Transparency happens when the hierarchies are not heeded to grow selfishly. In a startup environment, the hierarchies are almost non-existent which helps a lot in boosting the will to be transparent.

However, being a tech startup, clarity comes complementary to transparency. The reports, timelines, reviews and analysis, all of it is led objectively. Tech startups give little to no leverage for subjective approaches. The idea itself was born out of being objectively different, so should the functioning of the teams be too. This reduces the chinese whispers that steer away productivity from them giving them an advantage of achieving their goals faster.

The C Team

Founders and cofounders will contribute to 90% of the success rate of any startup within the ideation process itself. Being the owners of their innovative idea, the need to own up to every other aspect is critical for them too. The founding team relies highly on each other whether it is coordination, ideation or relieving stress too.

Fortunately, in most of the tech startups, the C Team is quite proactive in communication, sharing positive light, and revitalizing morale during tough times. This goes back to the ideology of a tech startup itself. It is born out of the frustration or lack of something that should exist in a better world. So, the people who take steps to make the world better, do not have micro-negativity in the first place. If they do especially in these critical times, they’ll vanish before you even hear about them.

Are You Ready?

Whether you are someone trying to build a startup or someone looking for an investment opportunity in one, the time is just right. The question that arises here is whether you are ready with everything that you need to go forward with – Finances, Goals, Roadmap, etc. Contemplate your own goals, and if they align with the tech startup you find, just go for it. The results will surely bring you a better future.


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