Digital Resume: The New Revolution of the Millennial Generation

Millennials or Gen-Xers are smart, confident and reality-oriented. They have gained the reputation of being the new ‘Job Hopping Generation,’ as they don’t mind switching jobs and career; for they value work-life balance over meaningful work and job. But, let’s face it, the unemployment rate of millennials is getting higher, and many of them are struggling to keep their heads above water.

How does this relate to you? Well, if you were born between 1990-2004, then you’re a millennial and so, you would know the struggle to find & keep a job and creating work-life balance, which has become compellingly competitive.

With the hiring process moving online, millennials, in particular, are making sure that they get the recruiter’s attention.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Because it’s a relatively new creation, the concept of ‘Digital Resume’ has become a hit with the millennials. Making the best use of their imagination and skill-set, these Gen-Xers are creating digital resumes to make sure that companies find them quickly and easily.

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What is a digital resume?

A digital resume – is your entire professional journey put up on the internet.

Today’s job seeker wants to be perceived as web-savvy, and people in different lines of work have come up with incredibly varied definitions of digital resume.

For all you know, a digital resume could be anything – a website exhibiting your professional journey; highlighting your skill-set, past work experience, etc. Or, it can be an electronic resume complete with videos, links, images, and information on projects that you’ve done, just like your social media profiles.

How do you make a digital resume?

If you wish to be ahead of the competition, then you’ve got to be creative and showcase your digital talent. And, if you make an impressive digital resume, recruiters will take notice. Here’s how you can create one:

#1. Choose the right platform

These days there are several resume builder sites and application that let you create a digital resume. If you wish to display a more creative side of yours, then you can build your own website. Pick an easy online template and manage data such as your blogs, photo samples, videos, project samples, etc.

#2. Make sure to use rich media

Remember, a recruiter can often sway if there’s nothing unique or exciting on your application; especially if you’re boasting a digital resume. If you want to stand out, then make sure all your graphics, videos and images. For example, if you’ve put a picture of yours, make sure it’s in high-resolution.

#3. Use keywords

Arguably the most important part of your digital resume should be the keywords. Make sure to include keywords that are job and industry-specific. Weaving the right keywords will help boost your resume on the internet; Google search results to be specific.  

#4. Make it computer and mobile friendly

The layout of your resume should be computer and mobile-view friendly; so avoid using fonts, colors or symbols that would jeopardize the complete look of your resume.

Why do you need a digital resume?

Well, you need a digital resume as most web-savvy employers seek them, these days and most employers, who require their workforce to work on computers and use the internet, expect you to impress them with your digital skills.


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