Can Your Company Benefit from Hiring Remote Workers?

“I am working remotely now!” Sounds familiar, right? Certainly! You will meet many people who have started to work outside of their corporate offices. More and more companies have now started realizing the importance of letting their staff work remotely and also hiring their workforce from around the globe. No doubt remote work is on the rise, and we won’t be surprised if you too want to consider taking the plunge. But in case you are confused and pondering what’s in for an employer, here’s why you must hire remote workers for your organization:

The Flexible Lifestyle is the new “Work-Life Balance.”

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”- Dolly Parton.

The organizations nowadays have flexible working hours where they allow employees to choose their working hours as per their personal space. Thus, one can say that an amalgamation of remote working and flexible hours reduces stress, allows them to work when they are most productive. 

Tim Ferris, author of “The 4-Hour Work Week”, emphasizes flexibility in the business world. According to him, entrepreneurs need to change their lifestyles to stop being overworked.

This new work-life balance concept is possible if one has a progressive employer who gives value to the freedom of his employees. 

Access to the Global Talent pool

Here comes another advantage of having remote workers; you get access to a vast talent pool. Every organization wants the best possible team, but sometimes the best is not present in the desired location, and they do not wish to relocate. With such situations, having a pool of talented people outside the geographical area gives you access to such talented and creative people which can be a perfect fit for your organization.

“Talent is everywhere; you just have to look for the right one.”

Increased Productivity

According to the State of Work Productivity Report, 65% of full-time employees think that a remote work schedule would increase productivity. The remote workers are more productive as compared to the regular office employees as they do not need to commute to the office. Even if one replaces mere 20-30 minutes of commuting time, it can make a huge difference in one’s life. The remote employees are not distracted by their coworkers. They have a more flexible schedule and stay self-motivated. 

Reduce Employee Turnover

Today, there are numerous organizations that are adopting and offering remote work options to their employees as a perk. This helps a company retain its important employees. A survey stated that 73% of remote employees reported a high level of satisfaction with their jobs. Also, 82% of employees say that they would be more loyal to employers and organizations that offer them flexible work options. However, who knew that sending employees home will be one of the best ways to keep them stay with the organization for more years to come?

Trim down your Business cost

The remote employees are a boon to the organization in terms of cost as they work from their respective places instead of specified cubical of a traditional office. These employees can work either from home, a coffee shop or from anywhere, which is not a regular office. They have their equipment; therefore, organizations experience cost savings in things like rent, office furniture, and other facilities. 

Who knew sending employees home will be one of the best ways to keep them stay with an organization for years to come?