9 Tech Jobs for Non-Techies: No Coding Required!

Tech industry is quite popular amongst millennials for the perks and opportunities it offers to an individual. Probably you wish a career in the tech industry but do not have a technical background or know how to code. And, with a heavy heart, you have decided ruled out this industry altogether. But wait. What if we say, there’s a seat for you on the table even if you’re not into programming.

Yes! We have curated a list of top 9 roles that may intrigue you. Let’s have a look:

1. UI Designer

Whenever apps and websites are being developed, UI designer takes charge of the design and prepares each screen and website page with which a user will interact. Consider this as a tech-inclined version of graphic designing.

Average Salary: INR 40,000 pm

2. UX Designer

Once the wireframes have been sketched by UI designer, UX (User Experience) specialist has to ensure the product logically flows from one step to another. You need to have a good understanding of your users’ needs and thus, articulate the product.

Average Salary: INR 60,000 pm

3. Product Manager

I’m sure you must have seen this Venn Diagram with a Product Manager sitting in the centre of Business, UX and Tech. A Product Manager (PM) is responsible for all the activities related to the product, right from ideation to launching it in the market.

Average Salary: INR 1,00,000 pm

4. Software Tester

A Software Tester checks the quality of the software product or service by running it through various cases to ensure it’s bug-free and matches the expectation. Software Testing is also referred to as verification of application under test (AUT). It can be performed manually or using automated tools.

Average Salary: INR 28,000 pm

5. Marketing Specialist

Marketing and communications play a significant role when it comes to establishing a connection with your potential customers and promoting your product in the big world out there. That sounds sweet, but it’s not that easy. There’s a lot on their plate, like competitor research, creating campaigns, managing budgets, and overlooking impact.

Average Salary: INR 50,000 pm

6. Technical Recruiter

Hiring in the IT industry is gaining momentum, which in turn is leading to an increase in demand for IT Recruitment Specialists, who can identify, interview, and onboard candidates for these positions. This makes it essential for you to have an ability to understand the technology and to keep abreast of technology trends.

Average Salary: INR 30,000 pm

7. Technical Writer

A technical writer is responsible for preparing all instruction manuals, technical reports, and other supportive documents that concise and communicate technical details for the layman. Additionally, they also write press releases for the product/service launch and disseminate information amongst customers.

Average Salary: INR 35,000 pm

8. Business Analyst

A Business Analyst acts as a link between their firm’s capabilities and business objectives. He bridges the gap the IT developers and businesses using analytics to determine requirements and make data-driven decisions.

Average Salary: INR 55,000 pm

9. Key Account Manager

A typical day of a Key Account Manager will involve planning and managing end to end relationship between their organization and the clients. They are the single point of contact for all client matters and requirements.

Average Salary: INR 50,000 pm

Chinkey Saini

Chinkey Saini

Business Strategist and Client Consultant with a panoptic experience of working in the online media & digital marketing industry.