Talent Waste – It’s damaging to both Business and Career

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”


As a potential human resource, it’s not enough to be busy; the question is what keeps you busy. If you are busy doing something that connects to your passion, you draw more energy from the work to make things bigger. You deserve a job where you can stretch yourself. Take the challenge of the limits of your enthusiasm and productivity. You deserve to keep moving with a progressive momentum and if that isn’t happening, you are wasting your time and talent. On the other hand, this makes sourcing critical to recruiting; without it, the quality of the hiring process remains elusive.

The first action of the recruitment process is candidate sourcing. It is a proactive search for a candidate profile that’s the best match for the role, which is open to be filled. Candidates are pre-screened with prerequisite skills for the roles they’re looking for. Candidates assessed on the basis of their aptitude, interest, abilities, and experience.

Hiring the right talent:

This the most important key to the growth of an organization. Compromising can be a very costly mistake, especially when the organization is building its brand, corporate image and industry perception or is poised for expansion. For any organization, hiring and developing people are the primal measures of success. At the end of the day, they bet on people, rather than TQP (Total Quality People), not on strategies or technology!

So great vision without great people is but the inertia of development, and once this sets in, a reversal to rhythm becomes a major challenge. Where an individual is hired promising certain deliverables, talent waste could be seen implied in a situation. But, in reality, aren’t as exciting as imagined. This further leads to a bottleneck when an employee’s KPIs on KRA slash phenomenally. This can be due to the reality of role mismatch at work, and which takes him by unpleasant surprise to boot!

Candidates are less likely to be responsive in the job if they are not motivated to respond quickly during the recruitment process. People are the assets of any organization if they are underutilized. Not only that they lose motivation to perform adequately and eventually, quit the job with rankling disappointments. Few statistical data that can be bring light of the topic here:

Do You Know?

  • The average open position receives more than 150 resumes
  • More than 45% of candidates never hear anything back from the employer
  • 83% candidates rate their job search experience is bad and poor
  • 62% of employers report a bad hire
  • 27% of companies say a bad hiring decision cost them three times over
  • 23% of employers report a loss of productivity due to wrong selection
  • 22% negative effect on morale
  • 16% negative effect on customer relations
  • 12% report only fewer sales

Candidate churn also creates a huge brand liability. Like unhappy customers, unhappy candidates spread their opinions in their professional circles which create negative perceptions about the organization and its overall culture including the HR practices. And the new job seekers also crowd-sourced information about prospective employers.

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Leaving all that feedback to chance and hoping the company brand doesn’t suffer in a competitive marketplace is actually a long shot, not even worth trying for the organizations. A spurned candidate can impact the overall talent pool because of dissatisfied with the recruitment process. This can spill over into the customer base as well. It makes gross damage to the company image as well as their trust factor!

How to safeguard against talent waste?

Every organization has a foundation of operating excellence, professionalism and talent development. The inability to improve or promote this will inevitably imply that your rivals will push ahead of you and will lead the route within your industry, while you linger a long way behind in both quality recruitment and people retention. They end up winning and owning the space, as they are able to drive their goals with a great team.

Though most organizations concur that talent is their main resource, yet so few are willing to invest in resources to find new and better talent. The rise of cut-throat competition in the recruitment industry these days is forcing recruiters or hiring managers to practice best available software technology and measures to find and connect with the talent best suited for jobs.

Few measures might make this complex procedure simpler.

  • Collaboration with HR and hiring managers to effectively forecast talent needs. Build a view to perspective talent pipelines in advance of need.
  • Leveraging resources effectively by using a variety of sourcing tools and programs. This can include job boards, social media as well as attending job-related events and networking to build talent pools
  • Vetting in the shortlisting process to eliminate the chance of any kind of mismatch
  • Attracting and engaging top talents by providing information related to compensation, benefits, company policies and growth structures. Ensuring a candidate’s experience is informative and positive.
  • Meeting with management and other key stakeholders on a regular basis. Collaborate on optimal approaches to strengthen candidate pool, including annual recruiting strategies and diversity initiatives
  • Providing hiring managers accurate and timely updates on applicant activity, tracking talent acquisition metrics. Reporting current trends and reports to TA leadership with recommendations for improvement


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