How to Make Your 9 to 5 Work More Interesting

There’s plenty evidence online claiming that the 9 to 5 work week is outdated, archaic and that we’ll soon see the system breaking down. But the harsh truth of some of our lives is that our work is hard, repetitive and often not really interesting. If you’re someone who enjoys their work but can’t keep up with the pressure, here are some suggestions to take off some heat and not let work become a burden.

Don’t Take Work Home

9 to 5 jobs are a lot of things and one of them is definitely not complex. The amount of time you need to dedicate to the work is in the name. From 9 to 5 (or when your shifts start) your employer is in complete control of the work you do, breaks you take and that mandate stops at the punch-out time. That being said, you need to make sure you work enough or are at least seen doing it, so that your employer can’t make you work extra on grounds of unproductivity during your shift. 

When talking to your boss, colleague or manager, make sure to point out that all matters after your shift ends will be taken up the next working day.

Keep Healthy Relationships

Make friends and acquaintances at the workplace who help you release stress 

You can’t exactly choose who you work with so if your relationship with them turns bitter it can become hard to be productive in the office. Work hard and maintain rational relationships with your colleagues so that every break with any set of colleagues is desirable. Here are some tips to help you in maintaining better office relationships:

  • Don’t harshly criticize others, even if they deserve it
  • Don’t take criticism too personally
  • Avoid Gossip
  • Avoid Arguments with loud and obnoxious people

Give Yourself Room for Breaks

Just as your mind has times of amazing productivity, you also benefit from small breaks during the work day. Aside from helping you maintain your energy, small gaps can be crucial to sustain productivity. When you give yourself a break, you might be surprised to find the fresh flow of ideas that come rushing or the breakthrough that you’d been searching for. You can take long breaks or schedule them strategically throughout the day. Again, some more tips to help you stay agile and well rested during office hours:

Take a Walk: A brisk walk inside or outside the office will keep your body and mind active and let them freshen up. The increase in blood flow will make it easier to think and execute things. 

(Trick – Try not keeping a full bottle of water always on your desk and walk to the water dispenser every time you get thirsty)

Let your mind wander: When you visualise or start to daydream, you’ll be surprised to see the places your mind takes you. Somewhere between visions of your fantasy vacation or your favorite show, your thoughts may transform into worthwhile ideas and spark some creativity.

Make Fun Plans: You’re probably taking a lot of unnecessary stress, and maybe the stress is justified but worrying won’t help. Trying new food, meeting new people, or visiting new places are just as important as a growing career.

All Things Must Come to an End

9 to 5 jobs may seem archaic in an ideal world, but for working adults in 2020, it’s a reality we have to deal with in order to survive. It’s hard to perform to your full potential in a place where you aren’t comfortable being your full self or one that puts you in a state of self-doubt. That’s why in some cases, it’s okay to be a little selfish and give yourself a break.


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