How to Deal with a Rude Coworker in Your Office

Have you ever wished that your colleague simply goes away from your life because they’ve been showing you their rude side more often? You could be enjoying your workday and putting your best foot forward until that rude colleague says something to you that brings your morale down. Passing demeaning remarks, accusing a lack of knowledge in front of peers or challenging credibility are some examples of rude behavior.

We all are surrounded by a number of difficult people who frustrate or drive us nuts. These people can majorly affect us if we pay attention to them. Rudeness at the workplace is a serious issue. The first question that arises in our mind is how to deal with difficult employees like these at the workplace. Almost everyone gets affected by it and as a result, deal with mental and health problems. But, instead of giving this bad behavior a chance to bog you down, try these tactics that can help in dealing with difficult people:

Ask for Advice

You probably had a name in mind when you read the word ‘advice.’ It could be your BFF or a sensible colleague whom you trust immensely. Explain to them what’s bothering and learn their perspective on the situation. There could be chances that your frustration is purely a result of their actions or your sensitivity. Brainstorm with them to address your situation and come up with a plan.

Kill them with Kindness

Rudeness is pervasive. Too often the negativity of a rude coworker rubs off on us and cause us to respond with the same negativity. One of the best ways to defuse rude behavior is to try the subtle route and be polite. Being kind to a rude person can be a little tough, but it can pave the way to a healthier working relationship.

Confront them

Handle the issue in a mature, adult way by addressing it directly to the person whose behavior is bothering you. Let them know how their actions are affecting you. Sometimes they don’t even realize their actions could be hurting the other person, and a confrontation allows them to apologize and be polite.

Avoid the rude Person

Sometimes, it’s best to walk away! By avoiding them, you will take away their audience and will leave them with fewer targets to act impolite to. The primary thought running your mind at this point will be not to waste any further energy on that person and your relationship with them.

Take it up with a Senior Manager or HR

Talk with HR

If you can’t avoid this rude coworker and have tried to be kind to them, but still there has been no change in their behavior, you must reach out to the HR or senior manager. They may know how to deal with such a situation from their experience. Alternatively, they can utilize their authority to set the tone of the workplace and ensure that all the employees are treated respectfully.