8 Work From Home Jobs For Homemakers

Let me tell you the story of Ravi and Priya who are a happily married couple. While initially both of them used to work, eventually Ravi shifted priorities to become a homemaker, and Priya continued to grow in her career bringing enough bread to the table.

As the lockdown got imposed due to the Coronavirus spread worldwide, Priya started working as a remote employee. With remote employment came some benefits which worked well in favor of reducing stress for Priya. While spending time together at home, she started contributing more towards the house chores giving some breathing space to Ravi. Now Ravi is feeling energized enough to get back into the work life that he left a few years ago.

This may seem like a story of Ravi and Priya, but it is surprisingly what most of the Indian households are shaped as today. With a major chunk of the working population shifting to remote culture, it is the right time for homemakers to start looking for work opportunities for themselves too. If you are one of them or know someone, here are the top 10 work from home opportunities for them.

1. Freelance Writer

If you think you have a way with words, a basic laptop and internet connection, freelance writing is one of the best jobs to pick. With a sudden drop in transactions due to lockdown, most of the brands are focusing on producing niche based content to engage and retain their customer base. So, the time is right for you to revive your industry knowledge and convert them into precious content while earning good money right from your home.

2. Editor and Proofreader

Did you know a book goes through an average of 5 proofreading sessions before getting published? So does most of the content that you see online. The people doing it are mostly grammar nazis and linguistic experts. If you think you get irritated even by a comma in the wrong place, there are a lot of remote editing and proofreading opportunities online that pay a great sum.

3. Independent Creator

Whether you are good at dance, music or just poetry, there are a lot of platforms which can help you publish your creative content online. But, how would you earn from it? Monetization. Platforms like Youtube and Facebook provide an advertisement based earning method to content creators. Sure, it would take some time to build your audience. But, what time is better than now when you have all the space and time to start the fire?

4. Virtual Assistant

With a good management instinct and basic knowledge of communication, you can step into the world of virtual assistant. VAs are becoming quite popular in the modern remote world in which they handle administrative responsibilities of both individuals and organization teams. The best part is the flexibility of work that comes with it. Coordinate well and you might finish all your in just 2-3 hours itself.

5. Online Teacher / Tutor

What can be a better job than the one that helps build our future itself? Being a teacher or a tutor today is not as tough as it was 10 years ago. All you need to have is knowledge (Of whichever field you belong to), some knowledge on recording videos and conducting live sessions. There is an abundance of online platforms like Byjus, Unacademy, and Udemy that provide such opportunities to those who are determined. Why not give it a try and practice to be a great teacher to your future kid maybe?

6. Digital Marketing Specialist

With the world going digital, marketing professionals are shifting faster to build brand presence on the digital landscape. While this is a great remote employment opportunity here, this one is for those who have basic knowledge and experience in the digital field. If you are one who left this behind for your home, the time is perfect for you to come back into the market. It is a flexible job, requires creative insights, and can be done on your phone itself.

7. Freelance Designer / Art

The lockdown has not only led to layoffs but has also led to a shift from permanent employment to temporary contractual work. This is one of the best options for those who want to build a good portfolio in the designing field. One of the biggest hikes according to JWT, a leading agency in India is of freelance graphic designers and illustrators. If you can make art come alive, you can bring some good money into your life too. Don’t forget to get your art reviewed by your partner too. It surely helps.

8. Tech Developer & Designer

Are you someone who is equipped with the crux of functionality, UI and UX? Well, the lockdown has ignited a lot of business ideas and startups which in today’s world, begin with a website. There are a lot of clients out there looking for website developers and designers on a project and contractual basis. The money offered is moderate, but it can help you a lot in making the spare time at home productive, and build your portfolio for future growth too.

Homemakers Are Important

There is a stigma in our society that looks at homemakers in lower light than the ones who earn for the family. But, little do we know that the working hours for homemakers just never end. Plus, there is no holiday for them either. So with remote culture kicking in, these people will surely get a much deserved relief, and space to do something that they love.

Priyanka Walia

Priyanka Walia

Leadership Hiring Expert at Maven Workforce Human Resource Consultant with 14 years of experience in IT & ITES hiring (expertise more in Leadership hiring), Account Management, Mapping, Head hunting, Social Media Hiring.