Can’t Keep Calm ‘Cause Vasitum is 1 Year Old!

We’re turning 1 year old today and looking at our age, we stood up on our own legs quite fast. In just a year we’ve accomplished quite a lot both as a company and as a team. We’ve grown from a “corner of the office” to “taking up the whole floor” people and boy are we excited to share the journey.

It all started with a simple vision from a very simple man, our founder and head, Vikram Wadhawan who spent the majority of this millennium / nearly 2 decades building a company that handled end-to-end recruitment. He soon realized that the process he had designed had reached the point to evolve to the next step and transition into the new age of recruitment.

A move that would integrate years of expertise with modern era technologie like artificial intelligence and machine learning. With Vasitum, the vision was to simplify and bring the entire recruitment process online for businesses and individuals with a holistic approach.

How Big Are We?

With 75,000 people registered and counting we have truckloads of first-class profiles and more than enough room to add more. We have more than 15,000 active jobs and then some with astound success rates and more applicants to each job than the last. In these past 365 days, the confidence of applicants and recruiters has staggeringly improved.

We’re still a small set-up with employee strength in the dozens, but there’s one guy at the office who stands apart. He’s the most helpful, kind, smart, and intelligent person(ish) in the office and without him, we would basically have to close up shop. The man behind thousands of job applications. VASI. Vasi is Vasitum’s very own recruitment-bot that helps recruiters and candidates alike. He helps candidates with their next best job search and help hiring managers explore the best, most versatile talent pool.

How did Vasitum Change Things?

For Recruiters

Uncover new talent pools

You can’t hire great people without the right candidates in your pipeline. With 75K people registered on the portal, there’s just the right amount of profiles for recruiters to surf.

Everything in one place

With our inbuilt ATS, you can track and manage all your applications in one place.

Reduced time to hire

Our platform reduces the time spent on unsuitable candidates and provides screening questionnaires and advanced algorithms assisting your search for ideal candidates.

For Candidates

Accurate job matches

AI helps match the right jobs with the right candidate and learns to get better with every interaction. Our inbuilt AI-bot, Vasi, has had one year of such interactions and helps you in any speed bumps you might have along the way.

Instant and Engaging Screening

Did you ever get through for an interview only to realize it isn’t a good fit for you? That’s why when you apply to jobs and Vasi pre-screens your profile to determine if you meet the basic requirements for the job.

Hassle-free job applications

Applying to jobs was more cumbersome than solving a Rubik’s cube with the blindfolds on. With Vasitum, applying for jobs is easier than ever and no hassle of attaching cover letters.

Our Trusted Partners

A good clientele is the backbone of any successful business and we’ve worked hard to make sure our clients have always been happy. We may not be able to compete with big players but what we lack in flash, we make up for with hard work and decency. While we have the resources of a large company, we give the care and attention of a small company to each of our top-notch clients.

TCS, Ricoh, Snapdeal, Cashify, to name a few of our helping hands. Not to brag, but our clients are quite well-established and remain more than satisfied with our services. We like to see each client as a member of the family and try to treat them that way, with warmth and humility. We depend on our clients to judge, criticize and help us grow in this venturous journey towards success.

We Are In The News!

We’ve done a bunch of campaigns that social media handles absolutely loved. Marketingminds, socialdisect, socialsamosa to name a few of the pages with more than a 100 THOUSAND followers that covered our campaigns on their platform.

Vasitum, as a product and technology, has been featured on well-renowned platforms like the Business Standard, TimesJobs, and OutlookIndia.

Plans for the Future

We’ll soon be rolling out our mobile application along with a resume builder and a bunch of other cool tools and tech on the way. We are looking at a huge revamp and an even more exciting year than this one.

We want to grow faster and smarter with innovation as our main motive. We embark on this journey with a special ingredient; you, and the love and support from our millions of users who trust and depend on Vasitum everyday to deliver the most fantastic career options.