Can You Build a Career Without a Degree?

A degree is a very diminished view of what one is capable of. Skills, Talent, and passion are way beyond a degree and qualification. But time and again we’ve been brainwashed by the myth that degree brings you money and stature. 

But here’s the truth- being highly skilled and passionate in what you do is all you need to make money and get the status you’ve dreamt of. In fact, MNCs like Google, EY, etc. recruit talent that can contribute significantly to their company irrespective of the kind of qualifications they have.

If you’re having second thoughts about your college or you are aiming at a career that doesn’t correlate to what you are pursuing, know that there are ways to build a career without a degree. All You need to do is identify your skill and nurture it through courses, constant practice, and mentoring. Once you’re confident enough about your skill, pitch yourself to companies that require your skill.

Careers where a college degree is not a must-have 

Many of these jobs pay handsomely, offering excellent opportunities for work-life balance as well as career advancement. With that in mind, here are a few ways to build a career without a degree. Read on…

Sales jobs 

Sales careers typically involve selling some sort of product or service and helping customers with any information they might need regarding the service. Companies hire undergraduates with good communication skills as salespeople mostly interact with customers. Sales jobs do not specifically need a degree as they solely depend on customers’ feedback that has an impact on the growth of the business.

Ethical hacking 

Ethical hacking covers the intruding practices aiming to discover any threats and cybersecurity vulnerabilities that can be found and exploited by an ill-intended attacker. 

There are various Diploma and Certification courses that aim at training students to get more grip on the job.


If IT is on your radar but you’re not sure how to get started, you’ll be happy to know that you may not need another degree. Roles like web/app developer, cybersecurity specialist, Data analyst, programmer, etc. are more dependent on the skill than a four-year degree.

You have many certification courses available online to improve your skillset for these jobs.


A healthy nation they say is a wealthy nation. Healthcare is one such profession where most of the roles are fulfilled by highly qualified professionals. However, there is a major chunk of employees who work without any qualification. Medical Assistants, Nursing Assistants, Caregivers, Medical billing, etc. are those roles that are dominated by people who have a knack for it. Even though one may not need qualifications, in particular, skills like patience and compassion towards patients are taken into consideration.

Travel agent

Working as a travel agent can be a rewarding career path, with some fun perks of course. People with a passion for traveling can opt for this profession. Becoming a travel agent will likely mean starting your own business.


Well, to be your own boss is something most of us desire. The abundance of resources on the internet and humongous support for entrepreneurship has made it pretty simple for millennials to start a business. More and more youngsters are now starting a career with a profusion of ideas and creativity to follow your passion.


Even though freelancing does not require any qualification, there is a necessity for highly polished skills and at times, professional certification. Graphic Designing, transcribing, Content Writing, Photography, etc are professions that are high in demand.

Yes, you can build a career without a degree by setting your career goals right. But here’s the truth – they are not achieved instantly. While some goals can be reached within a short period of time, others may span across multiple stages of your career. To plan your career well, you need to determine both short-term and long-term goals by identifying the steps needed to be taken.

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