Can Being Too Good At Your Job Be Bad?

We often hear it from our family and friends that the best things happen only to those who give their best. But, what about your managers? Do they think the same for you too? If that held true, every person who gave his/her best at their job would be just really successful and happy too. But you don’t really see that, do you? Here are some of the characteristics that make them too good for their job.

The Lone Wolf

One of the clearest pictures of people too good for their jobs is of a guy climbing the ladder alone. Such employees surely do the best they can in their job, but utterly fail when it comes to getting reciprocation in the form of increment and career growth. It is important to understand the difference between “I can do it alone”, and “I want to do it alone”. 

If you relate to the latter, then you surely need to assess why you may not be successful yet. When your employer mentions a team player in the job description, it is not merely for the sake of finding one with good values, but as a requirement for their business to function better too.

The Bickering Soul

Perfection is something that we all crave. But, make sure that your search for perfection does not harm the confidence of the rest of your team. This trait is usually dependent on how you try to achieve perfection rather than why. Criticism on your own work can improve things a lot, but on someone else’s work may turn the tables upside down too. Communication if not done right can quickly turn your feedback into bicker and result in micromanagement. 

One of the early ways to find a bickering soul is to identify the one who usually gets left out. If you are someone who is left out from a team meeting or brainstorming session, then you should analyze how well you communicate with your teammates.

The One Who Oversteps

We all have a friend who knows it all. This usually is a great sign of a multi-talented employee. Your employer can rely on you when a dire situation comes and the resources are not enough. But, do you step up when needed, or just overstep whenever you feel like? The answer to this question can come from quick feedback from your teammates from other departments.

Overstepping professionals  are treated as jacks of all and kings of none, even in their own specific fields. The former may not harm them much, but the impression that they are jack of their own field becomes an obstacle in their career growth. Complement to this is your capability to hinder others’ productivity with your overstepping.

The Fearful

While on one hand people overconfident about their abilities get their bread burnt, on the other hand the ones under-confident fail to get it cooked enough either. The issue with fearful performers is in multiple layers. First, they do not show ownership of their tasks. Secondly, they become highly dependent on others in the team to get constant validation.

Being fearful can also extend to how you interact with their team and managers. Sharing ideas is a far fetched expectation from such people. They do not even stay active in the brainstorming or other types of meeting either. This shows them as the weakest link in the game and hence, drastically reduces their chances of growth.

The Messenger

Unlike Gmail and other communication tools which work as our messengers, there is a special species of such people in every office. These people are the unwanted and the most disliked messengers in the world, even more than the pigeons themselves. Why? Because, they work more efficiently than any media house paparazzi workers in getting the latest news in the office. And then, they intelligently conduct the spread of that information so that they do not get traced as the main source of it.

The issue with these people is not that they do share personal, private or even confidential content to all the ears in the office, they dismantle the harmony of trust and positivity in the entire team. Such people, irrespective of their mettle in their own work, do not come up much in their career, unless their boss likes them to. If that’s the case, you surely need to find a better workplace, and you can start doing that quickly and intelligently with Vasitum.