Accenture and Cognizant Dragged to Court By Its Employees

Are you employed in a firm that makes you work for more than 48 hours a week and does not pay you any sort of overtime or other benefits? Moreover, your company gives its employees less amount of leaves than 45 leaves a year? Then, you may like to hear this out. IT giant Cognizant and Accenture have been dragged to court by its employees.

Even the work timings and transportation policies add more irritation to you. “The office taxi policy is such that one has to be ready for two hours before the shift begins, so if the shift starts at 10 am one has to be ready by 8 am because that’s when the cab comes. And if you choose to use your own transport, the firm won’t pay your transportation charges,” says an employee of the giant IT firm that is Accenture. With such hectic timings and work schedules, one’s health and personal life get deteriorated. 

In accordance with The Telangana Shops and Establishments Act of 1988, no employer has the authority to make or force their employees to work beyond 48 hours a week, which comes out to be eight hours per day at a workplace that works for 6 days a week. 

A group of techies from giant IT firms Accenture and Cognizant and a group of activists from “Forum Against Corruption” have allegedly filed PIL against them and the Telangana High Court has directed the concerned firms to respond within four weeks. The HC also issued a notice to the state government, directing it to ensure that all the companies mentioned in the PIL, should file their responses in due time.  

The employees in the IT sector termed this sort of employment as “White-collared slavery” and they believe that it still exists and people are being exploited in the name of work

The PIL filed aims to make the life of a techie better and ensuring them that the companies should stop exploiting their employees.