7 Out-of-the-box Ways That Helped People Land a Job

Whether one is a recent college graduate or an experienced person, finding and applying for a job is altogether a cumbersome and tedious task. To get hired, you need to stand out from the crowd and do something that catches the eye of the recruiters.

So, how do you do it?

Maybe you can stand on the street and distribute your resumes to passers or maybe deliver your resume in a box full of donuts.

Sounds, crazy? Then you must check out how these 7 people found their job with their conventional and innovative ideas.

1. Davian Chester Google Doodle

Courtesy:  Davian Chester

Davian Chester, a 26-year-old guy, was not aware that his idea of making a Google Doodle would land him a job with Google.

On June 19, Chester was expecting a doodle on Google’s homepage in honor of Juneteenth, the most widely celebrated day in the United States to mark the end of slavery.

But, he was surprised to see Google’s regular logo.

Being a graphic designer himself, he created a doodle depicting the day with handcuffed wrists of a black person breaking out of chains with the chains being the word google.

He posted his work on Facebook and wrote, “I noticed that Google didn’t make a doodle for Juneteenth. I decided to help out! Lol.”

2. Patrick Hoagland Distributing Resume on Street

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Courtesy:  Patrick Hoagland

When God gives, he gives abundantly. This was the case with Patrick Hoagland, a Phoenix resident who was in a desperate search for a job.

Patrick was laid off from his previous job a few weeks ago. He had filled out multiple job applications online but failed to hear back from anyone.

That’s when he decided to hit the streets of Phoenix with 200 copies of resumes and a sign reading ‘Please, take a resume. Laid off! Looking for a job.’

3. Lukas Yla’s Donut Box Resume

Courtesy:  Lukas Yla

Lukas Yla, a marketing professional, landed in San Francisco with a dream to build his name in the world’s most oversaturated job market.

He dressed as a courier guy and went to his dream companies with a box of doughnuts from the famous Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.

Inside these boxes were the notes that had a unique trackable URL. The links lead people to his LinkedIn profile with a message addressed to the CEO, CMO, and marketing seniors: “Most resumes end up in the trash. Mine—in your belly.”

Yla delivered to over 10 well-known agencies in San Francisco, and he did get calls from the organizations.

4. Melissa’s handcrafted resume

Courtesy:  Melissa Makes Things

A craft fanatic Melissa Washin instead of using the usual email attachment, majestically sewed her resume on numerous printed fabrics to stand out from the crowd.

Her idea worked like magic, and the employers were astonished by her creativity.

Melissa bagged her first design job without wasting much time after her graduation.

5. Emma’s Taxi Ad

Courtesy:  Emma Clifford via Twitter

Emma Clifford chose the most preferred mode of transport by the senior executive of London City to grab the attention of prospective employers.

Emma, a graduate of Canterbury University, placed her resume as an ad on the fold-down seats of a black cab.

This idea of her gave her the job at a prestigious publishing house.

6. Eric’s Google Resume

Courtesy:  Eric Gandhi

Eric Gandhi, a designer with Google opted for a unique and brainy idea by replicating a page result from Google’s search engine and putting across his message: ‘Did you mean: Eric Gandhi?’

Along with the search query, ‘Creative+Hard-Working+Talented+Excellent Designer+Unique+Autodidactic.’

With such an innovative idea, his mailbox had to flood with offers.

He went on to accept a role at a Weather Channel.

7. Nicholas’ Candy Bar Resume

Courtesy:  Eli Langer via Reddit

Nicholas’ Begley discovered a new job by printing his resume on the wrappers of candy bars, where he listed all the necessary details like his experience and skills under the ingredients.

In 2013, Reddit displayed the snap of his quirky resume and was circulated on the internet just as fire in the jungle.

The idea attracted many potential employers, and soon a chocoholic offered him a job.

Alls well that ends well

All these ideas were exceptional, and we bow down to these people for their creativity.

We’re happy that they successfully bagged a job for themselves.

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