10 Tips to Craft an Impressive Resume

Having an impressive resume that includes all components is essential to landing your next job. Therefore, keep in mind that your resume is not for you, it’s for the hiring managers: the people who can call you up to learn more about you and the people who will interview you.

Are you struggling with writing the perfect resume? If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone. Therefore, we have got you covered with ten tips to help you craft that perfect resume that’ll get you hired this 2019.

Format matters 

Try to make your resume as striking as possible but without making it too overwhelming. Use bold, italic, and underline to emphasize on noteworthy aspects of your resume. Font size should be around 10-12, not too small, not too large, and easily readable. Don’t go overboard with the stylistic choices. However, select a simple theme, plan your style, and think about what you’re looking for.

The dilemma of what to put first?

Education or experience? Well, this one’s pretty easy. If you are an experienced individual, state your experience first. On the other hand, if you’re a student, you can consider putting your academic achievements first. Have a look at our blog, ‘how to make a resume with no work experience’ to get it just right. 

Explain the reason for your ‘off-years’, if any

Don’t let the recruiter make up a fictional story for you. Explain why things happened the way they did. Make it brief, though. Trust me; not a single recruiter wants to hear your sob story. Therefore, keep it short and precise. It is ideal for learning a skill or two in the time you take off work. If that’s the case for you, mention it.

Let the numbers speak for you

Include numbers and statistics in your resume. Saying that you helped improve an aspect by ’10 %’ looks far more intriguing than stating you were responsible for ‘some increments’. This can help you to make your resume more engaging and less bloated.

Make your resume clean

Trim it down. For all of your gym bros out there, consider this analogy. A ripped person is always more attractive than someone who’s a little overweight. Reduce weight to appear ripped but don’t cut down to the point you start losing muscle.
Similarly, trim the content but not to the point that it appears barren. You have to find a balance. Easier said than done, of course.

Tailor to your market

For your resume to be perfect, you have to understand who your employer is. The resume you send to Apple is not going to be the same as the one you send to Goldman Sachs. However, do some research and understand your employer’s ethos, company culture, and desires. If you’re applying to a job posted, make sure you read the job description and also find where you can highlight that you have the requirements – your experience, fundamental skills, achievements, or education.

Add a summary section; it would work as a teaser

Use something that’ll catch the recruiter’s eye and make them want to read the whole resume. Include your interests and hobbies. Also, emphasize the skills that might benefit you in the job you’re applying for.  

“A one-page resume is the holy grail of resumes” 

I bet that you’ve heard this a thousand times already. A resume can be a couple of pages long and still be grasping. Most employees couldn’t care less if it’s a page or 2-page resume. The content and presentation matter the most.

Use reverse chronological order

I’m sure this one’s quite familiar. Simply how you put in the ‘education section’ and state your recent degree first, the same holds true for the ‘experience section’. Mention your most recent job and then work your way backward (i.e., previous jobs).

Name your resume carefully

Let the first impression leave a decent mark on the recruiter! Make it count. How I go about naming my resume is FirstnameLastnameResume.pdf. This way, the employer will know whose resume is it at a glance.

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